Friday, March 6, 2015

Why I Volunteer at Sheffield Place

Why I Volunteer at Sheffield Place
by Sherri Becker

Why do I volunteer at the Sheffield Place? Well, I tell my friends one thing and feel something a little different.  I tell my friends that I am happy to spend a couple of hours helping the Sheffield Place and that it is my civic duty to volunteer and help where and when I can.  I tell them that I don’t have children or grandchildren like most of my friends.  I need a baby fix.

But my feelings about it go much, much deeper.  These are kids who need and deserve some total unconditional love from a complete stranger.  They have struggled in their very short lives or are struggling now and this just isn’t fair.  I know life isn’t fair, but for 2 short hours, while their mothers are in group therapy, why shouldn’t I be there to hold, coddle, coo, play with or read to these kids.  It’s very satisfying and the teachers prob
ably like the extra help too. 

As an example, during one of my visits I was placed in the older infant’s room.  There were 5 babies and 4 out of the 5 spent almost the whole 2 hours crying.  I took two and rocked them until one fell asleep in my arms.  That took a burden off of the paid staff.  I also enjoyed watching the staff try to comfort the other children.  It was a hectic day, however I went home feeling warm inside. I get my baby fix and for 2 short hours per month it’s fun and rewarding.