Friday, November 4, 2016

Leading the job search group at Sheffield Place

Job seeking is a real challenge for almost everyone at some point in their lives. Along with the many supportive services provided to the women at Sheffield Place, groups about the job search process are provided.

In October, I was the class leader on this topic - Ten Action Steps from Job Posting to Job Offer. I am very pleased that I was asked to present this information to such an interested and energetic group.  It was not a formal class presentation.  Every meeting was a lively group discussion with everyone participating, asking questions, sharing experiences, talking about how to answer those difficult interview questions and mentioning job leads.  We did not exactly cover all the action steps in sequence, but through the discussion, we covered all the steps. 

Some of the women already have jobs, but are interested in having a resume and possibly applying for other jobs. Class participants now either have a revised resume, or a new resume which they created during the class. The importance of a cover letter was discussed and they were provided sample formats.  We discussed portfolios because one woman needs a portfolio to apply for jobs in the food/restaurant industry. In fact, we talked about whatever they wanted to talk about so that the class would be relevant to their situations.

They all have so much enthusiasm!!!! I had so much fun getting to know them. They are ready to move ahead. Like many job seekers, the women at Sheffield Place have child care needs and transportation challenges.  That impacts the job offers they can accept due to shifts and locations.  They understand these employment challenges and the need to find jobs that fit their background, skills and lives at this moment. Those who are seeking jobs now are enthusiastically and realistically assessing their job skills and finding jobs that match their backgrounds, as well as looking for a workplace where they can be successful.

Deborah Hays

[Sheffield Place is grateful for Deborah's volunteer assistance with the job search group.  Deborah brings many years of senior-level corporate HR experience and a commitment to facilitating groups for job seekers.  Thank you!]