Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Corporate Colleagues Host a Dinner at Sheffield Place

If any part of you is skeptical that a program can help homeless mothers turn their lives around, then you really need to check out Sheffield Place. A few of my girlfriends and I had our husbands and children go with us to fund and cook a Saturday evening meal for the residents at Sheffield Place. Nothing big - just burgers, hotdogs and a couple of sides for about 10 women and 20 kids.

This turned out to be the best charitable event we have experienced. It was good to see that the Sheffield Place demands a lot from these women - no alcohol, no drugs, no staying out late. The mothers must care for and prepare meals for their children. Both the women and children attend daily in-house programs designed to improve their scholastic, developmental, behavioral, and social skills.

Sheffield Place is really a place of hope. Even my junior high school children realized that this was not just a government-hand-out-program for the poor. Sheffield Place is a place for healing and improvement. These women are very fortunate to get to live at Sheffield Place with their children, and we could sense they didn’t take it for granted. That is so refreshing.

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