Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Michigan State Spartans 

Spend a Week at Sheffield Place over Winter Break

Our time at Sheffield Place is an experience we will never forget. Going into our first day on the job, we really didn’t know what to expect- what were the mothers going to be like and what caused them to be homeless? How successful is this facility? What kind of treatments and activities do they provide? However, as the week went on we realized how truly incredible this place is. Between the hard working, passionate, and kind staff and the amazingly strong and inspirational mothers, Sheffield Place is irreplaceable and nearly impossible to describe.

The fact that this place is not only a homeless shelter, but also a treatment and rehabilitation center is unbelievably outstanding. Sheffield Place has shown us that everyone deserves a second chance to get back on their feet and to reestablish themselves. Our experience this past week has changed how we view this population and given us perspective that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Though our time with Sheffield Place has been short and we are truly saddened to be leaving so soon, we are ecstatic to take what we have learned this week and bring it back to Michigan with us. Sheffield Place has reminded us that there is still good in this world- there are still people who want to help. Sheffield has restored a lot of hope back into our lives and for that we are forever grateful.

Thank you for being an inspiration in our lives, thank you for being a source of hope. Not only for us, but also for the hundreds of families you have served and the hundreds you will continue to serve. Thank you for an extraordinary week, we wish you success and happiness for everyone in and out of Sheffield.

MSU Alternative Winter Breakers
January 2017

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