Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Why I Support the Mission of Sheffield Place

by Julie Lattimer, Board Treasurer

I became involved with Sheffield Place in 1997 as a placement through the Junior League of Kansas City.  I chaired a committee that volunteered with Project Hope.  Each week, I would go down to Project Hope and work as a tutor, help with craft projects, or just read stories to the little ones. 

It was while reading a story that a little boy, Ronald, announced to me that living here was the first time he had a bed.  A bed?  I thought everyone had a bed!  I asked him where he slept before he lived at Sheffield Place; and he said on the floor, the grass and in Mommy’s car.  Ronald was so cute and loveable, and so very proud of that bed.  It was then that I knew this was an organization with which I needed to be involved.  I joined the Board of Directors where I have served as Treasurer, Vice President and President. 

The work Sheffield Place does every day is amazing.  The lives that are changed for women and children gives them the opportunity to have a life with a job and a home—a life they can be proud of with healthy and happy children.  I am proud to be a part of such an incredible organization.

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