Monday, June 10, 2019

A Volunteer Shares His Experience Working with Sheffield Place Moms

In my experience, Sheffield Place is one of the best and most effective social service agencies I have ever seen. They work with a group of people who have many issues including being abused at all levels as a child and adult, who are homeless, substance abuse issues, no income, and have not had the opportunity to develop sound decision making skills.

This is a very difficult group to have success with. Sheffield Place provides a place to live that is safe and has reasonable rules that are enforced. Sheffield Place teaches good emotional growth, good judgement skills, and good coping skills. Each resident has a chance to learn what they need to become a functioning adult with the skills to live in society and be an effective parent.

The staff is hard working and streetwise enough to know when someone is trying to avoid responsibility. Sheffield Place requires each resident go to groups, engage in treatment, get a job, obtain a stable living environment, and participate in social groups. These, along with developing organizational skills, will help the individual stabilize their life.

Sheffield Place wins national awards for the work they do with their residents. The awards are well deserved. 

My situation is that I am a retired male clinical social worker who worked in the field for over 40 years. Sheffield Place allows me to conduct a clinical group with the residents. I have been truly amazed how willing the women are to work on their issues and listen to feedback on ways to improve their lives. This would never be true without the very effective work of the Sheffield Place staff.

Sheffield Place wins my whole support and respect for the great and measurably effective work they do.

David Showalter LCSW
Sheffield Place Volunteer

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